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Greetings and welcome to our site.

If you’re in a flat spin about your wedding and don’t know where to start, relax, we can help. This site is designed just for you, we give you practical tips, information about who does what and when, and advice on what to do and when.

What do professional wedding planners do exactly?

Wedding planners are fashionable and mostly, necessary. What do they do? In short, everything. They take your brief and get to work planning the perfect day for you to remember and cherish.

Who should use a wedding planner?

Most of us lead busy lives and we work hard, long hours. Planning a wedding takes a huge commitment in time and effort. Wedding Planners take the pressure off you and yours.

Just make sure you’re the type who isn’t a micro-manager. There’s no point in hiring someone to plan your wedding then trying to manage every tiny aspect of everything and driving your planner and yourself crazy.

You find it difficult to let go of control?

No problem – let your selected wedding planner know what you’re like, be honest and they’ll know what to expect.  If there are going to be children at your wedding, get your wedding planner to find good and reliable childminders (with contactable references) for you.

Choosing a wedding planner.

Once again, budget is a biggie. Be sure to check and check again.

If you have a list of Wedding Planners, go online, check their website, portfolio, blog, and everything they have on social media.

Get them to give you names of people they have planned weddings for in the past particularly within your budget parameters.

Meet the wedding planner in person and make sure you click, if you don’t like your planner then nothing will go right. Go with your gut.

Read the contract all the way through. Be sure to ask about anything you’re unsure about. Don’t be shy, ‘legalese’ is deliberately vague, you’re expected to ask questions before you sign on the dotted line.  Once you have made your choice, trust your wedding planner and have some fun!

Give your photographer some direction.

Be clear about what you want for the formal pictures and portraits. Big family shots, and loving pictures of you with your parent/s, you with his parents, both of you with the parents. Think about the pictures because they will be the containers for your memories. Decide on where you’ll want the formal pictures taken.

Talk about the more intimate newlywed pictures you want and be sure to ask about which colors ‘pop’. Settle on when you will get the pictures. Set up a private You Tube channel for you to view the video’s and approve – or not.

Read on, we have plenty of stuff that you’ll find valuable for your day.

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