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You’ve finally said ‘yes’, you’re engaged and going to be married, and you’re in a huge panic about everything, even the engagement part! Don’t worry, most couples have the same reaction, it’s quite normal and will pass.

If you have friends who will be coming with their young children, you are going to need plenty of distractions for them. We’ve found the perfect app packed full of games for 5 year olds.

These are learning games, so not only do the 5-year-olds have fun, they will go home happy, they will also have learned something new. Here are a few examples of games that will be perfect at a wedding reception:

Candy Match is a game that increases visual attention and counting skills.

Spot the Difference is a development game that expands visual attention, visual scanning, and comparison skills.

Match-Up involves memory games that improve short-term memory, visual attention, and naming skills.

Dwarf Giant is a development game that improves reaction control, focusing, and divided attention.

There are so many fun games, like spelling and word-finding. It is not just verbal intelligence games. There are also math intelligence games.

Most venues offer free WiFi and it seems everyone has some kind of device suitable to play these games on; so there shouldn’t be a problem getting the kids fully involved.

Just got engaged? Relax, here’s what to do.

Just got engaged Relax heres what to do - Plan your dream wedding

Give yourselves a little time together to be happy. Then tell everyone. Starting with your parents and the rest of the family, then your friends.

Don’t feel pressured about the big question “when are you getting married?” It’s a decision only you and your partner can make.

When you’ve finally decided the time has come to do this amazing thing, then move to the next steps.

Be gentle with each other, big decisions can get heated.

Be gentle with each other big decisions can get heated - Plan your dream wedding

Give yourself some leeway on the date of your wedding. Three that would work is the best strategy.

What is your shared vision of the wedding? Small and intimate with family and close friends? A huge bash with lots of guests? Something in-between?

The budget is probably the most important consideration. Agree on what you want before you do anything else, this will be the crunch on how much it’s all going to cost. Can you afford what you want, or do you have to save up? How long will that take?

If parents are going to be paying for anything, make sure they can afford what you have in mind. Be careful and tactful with this conversation. People can be sensitive with how much they can afford and could even agree to far too much just to save face.

Can you afford a wedding planner? Do some research, perhaps ask married friends who they used. Then find one that suits you both in temperament and budget. And start enjoying the process, it can all be great fun if you let it!

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