What Should a Bride be Doing on the Big Day?

Relax, everything has been organized and is on track.

Nothing ever goes exactly to plan, expect that and let it go. It’s time to get ready and you want to look your best.

The wedding dress

The wedding dress - What Should a Bride be Doing on the Big Day?

Get it out of the bag to air and hang it out of the way so no-one will spill something on it or step on the hem. You’ll be able to see which areas need to be steamed.


Food - What Should a Bride be Doing on the Big Day?


Arrange to have some catering sent in. Low blood sugar on top of nerves is not a good combination. Pre-order food with very little sugar (sugar crashes aren’t good either).


Alcohol - What Should a Bride be Doing on the Big Day?

Yes, I know, sipping a lovely Mimosa or a glass of icy champagne is delicious to have while all the getting-ready is going on. I would caution against that; you really don’t want to be stumbling up the aisle and slurring your vows. If you must, then restrict you and your bridesmaids to only two drinks and well-spaced.

Emergency kit for the bride.

Things do happen, just be sure to have this on hand. Ask your chief bridesmaid to get it together and hold on to it. We’ve put together a list of what you should have in your kit.

Safety pins and bobby pins that are closest to your hair color. They are always handy for stray hairs. A small sewing kit and scissors for emergency tears or hem issues. Band-aids, dental floss, gel or hairspray and deodorant, all for obvious reasons. Nail polish and remover in case there are issues with your nails.

Toothbrush, toothpaste and breath mints to keep you minty-fresh throughout the day. Anti-static spray to keep the dress from sticking to your legs or stockings. Portable phone charger to keep your phone charged. Anti-blister stick in case your shoes are rubbing painfully.

Make sure you take your kit with you on honeymoon, you can put the kit in your toiletry case. You never know what you may need in an emergency.

This is your day, you’re in love and getting married! Take a deep calming breath and enjoy everything.

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